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  • 制造厂商:TI
  • 产品类别:数据转换器
  • 技术类目:模数转换器 (ADC) - 高速模数转换器 (>10MSPS)
  • 功能描述:双通道、12 位、66MSPS、450MHz 输入带宽模数转换器 (ADC)
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The ADC12DL066 is a dual, low power monolithic CMOS analog-to-digital converter capable of converting analog input signals into 12-bit digital words at 66 Megasamples per second (Msps), minimum. This converter uses a differential, pipeline architecture with digital error correction and an on-chip sample-and-hold circuit to minimize die size and power consumption while providing excellent dynamic performance and a 450 MHz Full Power Bandwidth. Operating on a single 3.3V power supply, the ADC12DL066 achieves 10.7 effective bits and consumes just 686 mW at 66 Msps, including the reference current. The Power Down feature reduces power consumption to 75 mW.

The differential inputs provide a full scale differential input swing equal to 2 times VREF with the possibility of a single-ended input. Full use of the differential input is recommended for optimum performance. The digital outputs from the two ADCs are available on separate 12-bit buses with an output data format choice of offset binary or two’s complement.

To ease interfacing to lower voltage systems, the digital output driver power pins of the ADC12DL066 can be connected to a separate supply voltage in the range of 2.4V to the digital supply voltage.

This device is available in the 64-lead TQFP package and will operate over the industrial temperature range of −40°C to +85°C. An evaluation board is available to ease the evaluation process.

  • Choice of Binary or 2’s Complement Output Format
  • Single +3.3V Supply Operation
  • Outputs 2.4V to 3.3V Compatible
  • Pin Compatible with ADC12D040
  • Power Down Mode
  • Internal/External Reference
Key Specifications
  • Resolution: 12 Bits
  • DNL: ±0.5 LSB (typ)
  • SNR (fIN = 10 MHz): 66 dB (typ)
  • SFDR (fIN = 10 MHz): 81 dB (typ)
  • Power Consumption
    • Operating: 686 mW (typ)
    • Power Down Mode: 75 mW (typ)
  • Sample rate (Max) (MSPS)
  • 66
  • Resolution (Bits)
  • 12
  • Number of input channels
  • 2
  • Interface type
  • Parallel CMOS, TTL
  • Analog input BW (MHz)
  • 450
  • Features
  • Low Power
  • Rating
  • Catalog
  • Input range (Vp-p)
  • 2
  • Power consumption (Typ) (mW)
  • 686
  • Architecture
  • Pipeline
  • SNR (dB)
  • 66
  • ENOB (Bits)
  • 10.7
  • SFDR (dB)
  • 81
  • Operating temperature range (C)
  • -40 to 85
  • Input buffer
  • No


ADC12DL066CIVS/NOPB,工作温度:-40 to 85,封装:TQFP (PAG)-64,包装数量MPQ:160个,MSL 等级/回流焊峰值温度:Level-3-260C-168 HR,引脚镀层/焊球材料:SN,TI官网ADC12DL066CIVS/NOPB的批量USD价格:21.901(1000+)


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